Our mission is to transform the relationship between labor and capital

We believe we’re at an historic inflection point as a society. With wages stagnant since the 1970s, income inequality at record highs, and new industrial revolution of AI threatening to eliminate many millions of jobs over the next decade, labor faces a uniquely challenging evolution.

It’s high time for a new social contract. It’ll take new technology. But what’s not new is how this change will be organized: like every advance over the past century, from worker’s comp to the very concept of the weekend, it’ll be organized labor—unions—that will get the job done.

Modern Assembly is a new 21st-century technology stack that is making it possible to align incentives and transform how humanity rewards work.

We’re an industrial R&D company in the sense that our product is a new way to accomplish work, but we’re not engineering a physical machine. We’re creating a new kind of machine—a human, economic machine—which, though complex under the hood, is so straightforward that we're kind of amazed nobody has built it yet.

The system of wires and tubes we’re building is a new type of organizing; a way to funnel economic opportunity to the places it belongs using a sophisticated system of automated, programmatic checks and balances that means people can achieve more economic security than ever before.

Join us

Modern Assembly was founded in 2024 in New York, the state with more union workers than any other. We’re an all-remote company with a small but mighty worldwide team, all of whom care very deeply about designing something meaningful and building it to last. That goes for our product and for our team, too.

If you share that ethos, a passion for our mission, and you’re excited about working with us, we’d love to chat. Tell us about your dream role.

Let’s get to work, together.